We make Business
Development strategies

Our business development services target the key areas that drive business growth including operations, finance, research and sales. Our service delivery is bespoke to each client’s business challenges, opportunities and objectives.

We serve small to large scale businesses. Our process includes

Process Improvement

We discover, diagnose, design, develop and document best practice for competing and winning in competitive markets – we help you close the gaps that are preventing sales and growth.

Win Strategy & Leadership

Whether you are pursuing a large, strategic opportunity or building a sustainable culture of winning we can help

Capture and Proposal Centre Design

Whether you have outgrown your business development capabilities or trying to merge various processes we’ll help you – Design – Develop – Implement

Our Process

Business/Marketing Strategy Consultation

Step 1

Lead Generation and Lead Managment

Step 2

Meeting Setup and Prospects Engagement

Step 3

Sales Cycle Facilitation

Step 4

Marketing Strategy Execution

Step 5

Office Operation Management

Step 6

Conferences & Summits Presence

Step 7

Create & Manage Distribution Channel

Step 8

Sales Management

Step 9

Post Sales and Integration Support

Step 10

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